What is the National Math Bee?

The National Math Bee is an online math tournament where students from grade 1-6 compete in any or all of the four basic math categories. The program includes a real world interactive competition, culminating in a national level event held at a unique location each year.

The program is a fun and exciting way to help students in grades 1-6 achieve extraordinary levels of speed and accuracy with their math skills. Students play and practice math skills in a baseball game scenario, which allows them to practice speed and accuracy while competing and joining in a cooperative learning game.


The National Math Bee is powered by BatterUp, a research-based math game developed by an actual classroom teacher. The software is the web-based version of a board game originally used in a classroom setting. In fact, its network design has received national honors from the Network Professional Association for most innovative networking implementation.

BatterUp is baseball themed with scores and rankings based on both the speed and accuracy of responses. It is teacher friendly, classroom proven, and supports a broad range of ability levels from grades 1-6. It records, tracks and analyzes student achievements.

Flash player software is required to play BatterUp.